Centre of Excellence for Innovations in Breeding of Climate-Resilient Crops

CROPINNO will create conditions for positioning IFVCNS as a regional hub of R&I in the area of agriculture and establishment of Climate Crops Centre, which will bring together interdisciplinary expertise, apply innovative approaches in climate-resilient crop improvement and foster innovation and partnerships with the farmers and industry.

The Climate Crops Centre has been accredited as Centre of Excellence in 2021 with the main objective to create new field crops varieties with tolerance to stressful conditions caused by climate change. In order to respond to the demands and requirements of end-users and ensure efficient technology transfer, the Centre uses an interdisciplinary approach and experiences of researchers working in different fields of science and on different crop species.

In addition, the Centre promotes interaction with potential users of technology, as well as with the scientific and broader community through the implementation of national and international projects with partners from the agri- food sector, so that innovation is disseminated, impactful and sustainable for the future.