Expected impacts

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CROPINNO will boost IFVCNS’s science and innovation capacities by offering IFVCNS researchers an opportunity to work with the most advanced phenotyping and multi-omics tools. It will help breeders to evaluate the implications of climate change on plant phenotype and genotype, further their understanding of monitoring plant resistance to pests, diseases and climate changes, and result in the selection of crops more resistant and better adapted to the changing environmental conditions.

At the European level, CROPINNO will bring together key partners in the development of innovative methodologies and tools to overcome fragmentation of Serbian and European research in plant breeding, especially in the context of public and private research.

Most importantly, the project will build the IFVCNS capacity to work with innovative tools and enable it to respond to the needs of farmers and the industry.

With the wide-ranging expertise, complementary skills and focus on innovation, CROPINNO will build a strong foundation for future joint research projects and funding applications within the consortium.

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