In period 14-16 May, 2024 workshop on Science communication and science writing was organised at the Institute for Sustainable Agriculture IAS-CSIC in Cordoba. Participants from CROPINNO network from Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Forschungszentrum Jülich and Institute for sustainable agriculture attended the workshop. Experienced scientists as well as early-career researchers participated in the event.

Workshop was carefully designed to meet participants needs and included practical sessions to apply novel concepts. Information about the preparation of materials for different formats (websites, social networks, etc.) were shared. Also, through the interactive part, workshop participants completed the variety of tasks such as analysis of texts, preparation of press releases, posts for social networks.

During the first day, participants became familiar with science communication and its jargon, audience’s mind, ways to tell a good story, and writing for different formats. Second day of training included the topics of public presentations and communications (presentation skills, mass media, and preparation of info graphics). They discussed scientific narrative and how to improve their narrative structure and clear messaging using ABT model of storytelling. Researchers presented their scientific activities and main areas of work, followed by an analysis of the presentations and discussions of all participants. Finally, several participants presented pitch speech on their projects. Third day of training was dedicated to the communication of scientific results (preparation of abstracts, posters, and grants). Also, through the interactive part, participants answered the tasks (analysis of abstracts) and participated in the discussion.

The workshop program was well structured and comprehensive, which encouraged discussion on previous experiences and challenges in this field. Adequate communication and dissemination are prerequisites to realize the real value of our research, because the information becomes available to those who can apply it, or develop it further. This training was very useful for future work of CROPINNO participants, through ideas and recommendations on how they can communicate their research work at different levels and for different end-users.